Our Vision

Educating the mind of youth to seek the knowledge, truth and good citizenship for the betterment of society.

Our Mission

To assure Quality Higher Education to the stakeholders through the sustained efforts of self and external evaluation and promotion initiatives.

Our Objective

* To plan and revise academic and administrative policies for the implementation of mission statement.

* To undertake periodic self assessment of the institution for the assurance of quality higher education

* To stimulate and promote academic environment among the faculties and students for the assurance of quality higher education.

* To put synchronized efforts so as to inculcate core values highlighted by NAAC among the students.

* To inculcate and emphasize moral values among the students in dynamic environment of globalization and development.

* These are communicate to the students, teachers, staff and other stakeholders through "Spandan" (Our Annual Magazine), by displaying it at the entrance of the college, and in the college library, on the website, and through Hoardings and pamphlets.